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Consensus to demote NathanRiley (4 votes against so far)

The Founder, NathanRiley has demonstrated unacceptable behaviour recently:

-He banned a certain user for no reason, who was visiting -He demoted me for questioning why he did the above -He constantly thinks he is above the rules which 3 members of our community staff agreed on. -We recently had a poll that involved voting for whose rules were preferred out of mine and NathanRiley's. The poll ended in my favour before Nathan promptly removed the poll. -He constantly insults on the wiki's chat which some of our Admin team have witnessed. - (NEW) Nathan continues to make things worse by banning Enchanted Iris for NO REASON. Other Admins are witnesses of this.

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Vote: Demote
I vote yes he clearly is too irresponsible to handle being a bureaucrat and administrator any longer.
I vote to Demote him.

I believe you COMPLETELY, Honestley before Nathan seemed inoccent. I heard the truth and I agree, believe.


Nathan is clearly corrupt, coming into chat and BANNING Enchanted Iris for absolutely no reason is unacceptable.

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